Brand new business going on this year...and when I say business I mean BUSINESS... A Theatre show...with a script and everything!... ( don't worry , theres still plenty of the spontaneous combustion you know and love from Mr vast gigs!) Premiere 16th,17th and 18th of February, Westfluegel Theatre, Leipzig! Also 18th+21st May, at the Spiegeltent (UK) as part part of The Brighton festival More dates in the pipeline....

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Cack Island opens its borders…

Part two of my first forays into radio, Im enjoying yourself….now you can enjoy myself too

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Oh go on then….this is actually quite a laugh

Einmal ist kein mal….so heres blog post number 2 last time was pious self referential new age… So now lets go bare knuckle FACT… Im doing a radio show Tuesday , 4th October , 2016 , 22.00 – 00.00 heres […]

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