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Is the Vast bus driving up your end?

  • 2024…ok , keep calm 24 comes after 23…
  • 8th,9th+10thFebruary, Gingerbreadhouse,Fitz Theater,Stuttgart.DE
  • 13thMarch,Cave12,Geneva,CH
  • 14thMarch,Helsinki,Zurich,CH
  • 15thMarch,Wellenbad Der Gefühle festival,Bern, CH
  • 24thMay,CobaltStudios,Newcastle,UK
  • 25thMay,BalterFestival,UK
  • 26thMay,Unorthodox Paradox Festival,UK
  • 7thJune,Marietta,Nantes,FR
  • 25th-29thJuly,ShambalaFestival,UK (stage+walkabout performances!)
  • 2023??!! YES…TwentyTwentyThree!!!
  • January18th,Mixmit,Barkuba,Basel;CH
  • January20th, Elbar,Wald,Switzerland;CH
  • January21st,Buvette sans Souci,Alpina,Burgdorf;CH
  • Feb22nd,Tiko,Erfurt,DE
  • April1st,Tuntenball,Freibourg,DE
  • June28+29th,FusionFestival,DE
  • 2-7August, GarbiczFestival,PL
  • 26th August , Shambala, Festival UK
  • 4th November, Hafenklang, DE
  • 30th December , Munich Tam Tam
  • 31st December, Ganett Schiff, Basel NYE party


June5th , Finksten festival, Neuamsee, Nr Berlin

  • June18th, Private Party, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
  • June 25th, Huhnermanhattan Sommer Fest, Halle
  • June 29th,Fusion Festival // Deutschland -Mr Vast
  • June 30th Fusion Festival // Deutschland- Kröter (feat.Mr Vast)
  • July 1st Fusion Festival // Deutschland , DJ set , Wevie Stonder
  • July 29th ,AuerWald Festival, Bad Sulza ,Deutschland
  • September4th,OffTheRadarFestival,Bremen,Deutschland
  • September30th,Alte Handelsschule,leipzig,Deutschland
  • November12th,Südpol,Hamburg,Deutschland
  • December8th , Temporarium,Westwerk,Leipzig
  • December31st,Ganett Schiff NYE Party,Basel,CH


Gig History

2021… oh ?!..we made it..did we?
yes well in this case “making it” means there are offers of gigs coming in again, so here we go..


  • July , TamTam stage , Munich Festival
  • 27th +29th August, MOOVIN festival ,Stockport, UK
  • 1st October, Empty Brain Resort , Lithuania
  • 5th November, Woodsartinstitute, Hamburg
  • 23rd November, Feinkost Lampe, Hannover.
  • 11th December, secret warehouse (ticket link on Mysta Vast FB page) Munich


Whats your 2020 vision?
Mine is RETIREMENT!…oh yes…but despite that…this shit just keeps on happening…..


  • 30th Jan,Lécurie , Geneve , Switzerland
  • 1st feb, Elbar, Wald , Zurich Switzerland
  • WELL WELL WELL…be careful what you wish for!
  • The best laid plans of mice and men ..COVID arrived and since then everything has stopped
  • All these dates and more, were cancelled until further notice. So my ideas for retirement actually seem to have come really does look pretty apocalyptic out there …but lets do our best to remain hopeful and positive and try to find our way/s through to the next part of the story…
  • 19th March, Feinkost Lampe, Hannover, DE.
  • 25th March, Fanfulla, Rome, Italy (With Kröter)
  • 26th March, Clandestino, Faenza, Italy (With Kröter)
  • 27th March , Spettro, Brescia, Italy (With Kröter)
  • 29th April , Private Wedding Party (!) , Halle, Germany
  • 12th June, tba, Liverpool, UK
  • 14th June, Unorthodox Paradox Festival, Birmingham, UK
  • August 28th , Moovin Festival , Stockport , UK


  • 2nd May, Froelich und Herrlich, Leipzig, DE (Mr Vast with Kröter)
  • 3rd May,Pierre Grasse, Halle,DE (Mr Vast with Kröter)
  • 13th July, Heiter Bis Wolkig, Leipzig, DE
  • 20th July ,Braille Satellite Festival, Grybų viensėdis Sarių seniūnija,Lithuania
  • 25th July, Off The Radar Festival , Negenharie, DE (Mr Vast +Kröter)
  • 26th July, Off The Radar Festival, Negenharie, DE
  • 23rd August, Moovin Festival, Stockport, UK
  • 24th August, Shambala Festival, Market Harborough,UK
  • 7th September, Heiter Bis Wolkig, Leipzig, DE
  • 28th September,Zschochershestr.68, Leipzig.DE
  • 11th October,FlyingGallery,Halle,DE
  • 12th October,Klingerstr.20 festival,Leipzig DE
  • 29th November, Hafenklang, Hamburg, DE.  (supporting HENGE!)
  • 30th November,Supamolly, Berlin, DE. (supporting HENGE!)
  • 3rd December, Ostpol, Dresden, DE. (supporting HENGE!)
  • 4th December,Moritzbastei, Leipzig, DE. (supporting HENGE!)


  • 7th Feb, The Flying Duck ,Glasgow, UK
  • 9th Feb, The Wee Red Bar,Edinburgh,UK
  • 16th+17th Feb, Schaubude,Berlin,DE, Mr V´s Theatre Of Cack
  • 1st,2nd+3rd Mar,Westfluegel, Leipzig,DE, Mr V´s Theatre of Cack
  • 17th Mar, Faktor,Hamburg,DE, Mr V´s Theatre of Cack
  • 23rd Mar, Acephale, Cologne, DE
  • 13th Apr, Dresden, you’re not invited sorry
  • 26th Apr., BBK Gallery opening
  • 20th May, Elipamanoke festival, Leipzig, DE
  • 29th Jun., Haupttresen,Fusion Festival, Lärz,DE
  • 29th Jul, Krake festival, Berlin,DE
  • 20th Sept, Maus Habitaus, Porto
  • 27th Sept, Desterro Arc, Lisbon
  • 29th Sept, Crew Hassan, Lisbon
  • 7th Dec, Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, UK  Supporting HENGE!
  • 8th Dec, Gorillas, Manchester, UK supporting HENGE!
  • 1st Apr// Lokomob, Chemnitz, DE
  • 12th May// Radio Corax Festival, Hasenberg, Halle,DE
  • 18th + 21st May// BoscoSpiegeltent, Brighton Festival,UK
    Mr Vasts Theatre Of Cack
  • 20th May// The Verdict, Brighton
  • 2nd June// Mr Vast and Kröter, Neues Schauspiel, Leipzig,DE
  • 10th June//Wagons On Nordbahnhof,Stuttgart,DE
  • 30th June// Golden City, Bremen,DE
  • 1st July//Off The Radar Festival, Hof Ovendorf in Negenharrie,DE
  • 7th July//MACH festival,Huhnermanhattan,Halle,DE
  • 23rd July// Where The Wild Things Are Stage, Secret Garden Party, Abbots Ripton,UK
  • 12 Aug// Insect Lounge,Waldbühne, Börnchen, DE
  • 8th Sep// Kasimers Garden, Liverpool,UK
  • 9th Sep// Synthetic City festival, London UK
  • 15/16/17th // with Die Gräffin!, Basel International Figuren Festival,Switzerland,CH
  • 2nd Dec// So+So, Leipzig ,DE
  • 7th jan / Workmans Club ,Dublin ,Ireland
  • 9th jan / Private Party ,Dublin
  • 17thJan/ The Windmill,Brixton,UK
  • 18th Feb/ WestSlam,Neues Schauspiel Haus, Leipzig,DE
  • 10th March/ Der Fabrik,Gaengeviertel, Hamburg,DE
  • 15th april/ Le lieu Unique, Nantes France
  • 28th May / Contact Festival , Bamberg, DE3rd June/ Unter Deck , München , DE
  • 4th june/ Das O, Spiez,CH
  • 5th June/ lEcurie, Geneva ,CH
  • 18 June/ Hotdog laden, Karl Heiner festival, Leipzig, DE
  • 21st June /Plagwitz Calling, Neues Schauspiel, Leipzig , DE
  • 23rd July / Festival 23,South Yorkshire woodland,UK
  • 6th August/ WestFluegel Summer festival ,Leipzig, DE
  • 10th August/ The Bicycle Shop/ Norwich ,UK
  • 11th August/The Old Police House/ Gateshead, UK
  • 12th August/Kaisimers Garden/ Liverpool, UK
  • 20th August/ Mr Vasts first wedding gig! , Eisenach, DE
  • 10th September/ Trotha House party, Halle, DE
  • 17th September/Hello World Festiva, Giesserstr.90,Leipzig, DE
  • 23rd September/Kling Klang, Wilhelmshaven, DE
  • 11th November, The Vast Minority, Mr Vast and Friends, Westfluegel,Leipzig,DE
  • 20th November, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg, DE
  • 10th December,Acud Macht Neu,Berlin,DE
  • 16th December, Hall Of Fame, Tilburg, Netherlands
  • 17th December, Amsterdam, tba…
  • 18th December, Ver Uit De Maat Festival,Worm,Rotterdam,NE
  • 24th october / Bisenthal Festival , DE.
  • 13th nov / westfluegel theatre, Leipzig,DE
  • 16th nov/ Bicycle Shop,Norwich,UK
  • 21st nov / Baustelle, Leipzig
  • 11th Dec/Club Loco, Bristol, UK
  • 14th Dec/ Sebright Arms,London,UK


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Grevious Bodily Charm - 2014

Grievous Bodily Charm

released 2014
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